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March is FoodShare Month

Minnesota FoodShare Returns

FoodShare is a statewide fund-raising campaign for over 300 food shelves. Saint Mark’s past support of Groveland Food Shelf has helped it extend its outreach efforts.

In the early 2000's it collaborated with Free Cycle (a program operated by Pillsbury House) to establish the first food shelf devoted entirely to homeless youth.

In 2013, Groveland collaborated with MCTC and opened a satellite food shelf on campus for students. This latest effort was the work of Mary Ann Prado (the then Director of the college's Resource Center), Dave Enghusen (Food Shelf Director) and Saint Markan Rich Maier (then the Treasurer of Groveland). Mary Ann conceived the idea and looked to Dave and Rich for help in making it happen.

Throughout the next few weeks we will share stories of this partnership which complements Saint Mark’s own work with the college to support its students in need.

We hope you will consider contributing to this collaboration by writing checks out to Saint Mark’s and noting Groveland/MCTC in the memo line.

Some Stories from Recipients of the Foodshare Resources


John Student (not real name) came into Student Support Center around 4 p.m. on aFriday afternoon. Our office hours are 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. He asked to complete an intake form in order to receive future services from Student Support Center. The student left the form on the desk after completing and left without staff knowing he’d gone.

On the form is a question that asks about their primary and secondary reason for coming to the office. For his primary reason, John wrote, “I have no food in my home. I do not know how I will make it through the weekend. Also, my children will be with me this weekend.”

Around 4:15 p.m. a staff member observed the complete intake form that had been left at the desk. Upon observing his primary reason, the staff member immediately called John and told him that we could assist him today and asked if he could return to campus. He came back to campus and was able to shop in the food pantry for items for his household. He was also provided with a few snack packs to help him get through the weekend. He was also advised of all of the services available to students in need. John was overjoyed. John continues to be enrolled at MCTC and utilizes various resources on a regular basis.


Susan Student (not real name) came into the Student Support Center around 4:15 p.m. one day. She shared that she had fled a domestic violence situation the night before, along with her 2 young children. Susan shared that she had somewhere to stay temporarily, but needed information on longer term housing. Her and her children also had no food or clothing (other than the items they were wearing). It was winter time and they did not have coats or boots as everything had been left at their home. Our office had recently received a donation of very nice children’s clothing and winter gear. Susan was able to obtain several clothing items for her children. She also was able to locate coats for all of them and boots for the children.

Susan also was able to utilize the food pantry and obtain items needed for her household. She also was provided with a few snack packs to help her through the week and weekend.

Susan almost cried because she was so happy that we had these resources on our campus. She did not realize the services were so robust. Susan was very happy with being able to obtain the help that she needed.