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Christian Marriage Ceremonies for all Christian Couples

Christian Marriage Ceremonies for all Christian Couples

St. Mark’s Cathedral is a beautiful and inspiring setting for a wedding. Hosting more than twenty weddings a year, St. Mark’s looks forward to being part of weddings of all kinds from small and intimate to large and elaborate.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral welcomes couples seeking a Christian wedding. Explore whether Saint Mark’s is a match for your ceremony as you take this important life step.

Who can get married at St. Mark's?

Holy Matrimony is a Sacramental Rite of the Episcopal Church. It is a joyous occasion where all in attendance celebrate the marriage of two people through participation in prayers, hymns and thanksgiving to God. Any couple, may marry at St. Mark’s if at least one of the members of the couple is baptized and connected to a faith community.

How do we plan a wedding at St. Mark's?

Call us at 612-870-7800 and ask to speak with our Lead Wedding Coordinator who will walk you through the steps of selecting a date and planning the details of your wedding ceremony. To prepare for this important event, couples marrying at St. Mark’s complete premarital counseling; we are happy to make counseling referrals.

Download “Weddings & Blessings at Saint Mark’s - 2014”

All are welcome

St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral supports all couples seeking marriage, including legal marriage for same-gender couples. Same-gender couples will find an inclusive environment for their wedding. Blessings of same-gender unions have been celebrated by our clergy for many years. The new marriage law allows us to extend this sacramental rite to legal same-gender marriages.

Take the next step

Call us at 612-870-7800 and ask to speak with our Lead Wedding Coordinator, or send an email to begin planning your wedding at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral on Loring Park.

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