Dear Friends,

By now, we imagine that the words “Journey of Generosity” and “Listen. Imagine. Share.” may be fairly familiar to you.
We, your Stewardship Committee, have adopted these words to speak to what we feel is happening in our work with and for you.
St. Mark’s Cathedral plays a vital part in God’s economy of love on this earth – and especially in our particular corner of earth, here in Minneapolis.
Our community is a source of beauty and inspiration, of peace and quiet, of companionship and witness, of wisdom and thoughtfulness, of conviction and action, and, perhaps most importantly, of love – for God, for ourselves, for each other, and for our wider community.
We know there is incredible value in what we do and are together. We all need what St. Mark’s offers to our lives. And the wider world needs it, too.
We’re inviting you to continue on this Journey of Generosity with us this Fall.
Pledge now as we work to plan our 2020 budget. Join us as we Pray, Study, and Serve together.

Pledge Now

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    Pledging is what enables Saint Mark’s to budget effectively & faithfully for the year. ACH/EFT (bank transfers) is our preferred pledge method as it does not involve any processing fees.
    Tithely is an app for Apple IOS & Android that makes it easy to pledge a recurring gift using a credit or debit card. If you used it last year, please make sure you renew using your Tithely account. Please also consider helping that extra bit by covering the processing fees!
  • Payment information will be given in the confirmation.

    For ACH/EFT payments: send in a voided check to the church office. This authority remains in effect until I notify Saint Mark’s Cathedral in writing to cancel, at least one week prior to the next withdrawal date; or I notify my financial institution three days before my account is to be charged.
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