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Acolyting is a ministry of service. Acolytes help the clergy and the congregation alike in their experience with liturgy. Adults and youth second grade and up are welcome to participate

Acolyting is a unique way of participating in the worship service. Dressed in white robes, you are there to light and extinguish candles, lead processions, carry banners, and assist priests and deacons in preparing and administering the Holy Eucharist.

Why is Acolyting Important?

Acolytes are part of what makes a worship service feel sacred. We bring in sights and sounds, smells and textures and tastes to help people set aside the daily grind and create a holy space where we can reconnect with God and each other. Acolyting is a ministry. And like all true ministry, it should be done as an expression of our love and gratitude to God. Ministry can help us grow to be the people God created us to be. It can bring us closer to God and each other. It can teach us to live without judging ourselves and others. It can enlarge our hearts so we can better receive God’s unconditional love, and be able to pass it on.

2nd grade and older

Acolytes participate fully in our Sunday services including carrying the processional cross, candles, holding the Gospel book and assisting the deacon and priests in other tasks. Youngest acolytes attend Children’s Worship during that portion of the service. Led by Reverend Siri Hustad.

If you are interested in becoming an acolyte, please contact Siri Hustad.

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