Anja Henne

My name is Anja Henne and this is my last year at camp as a camper. I've gone to Episcopal Youth Music Camp for every year I could except for 1 year. That year was a very hard year for me, but it taught me things I needed to know. This is my 9th year at camp and by this time I've figured out how most things go as a camper.

This camp is all about building your relationship with God. Nobody judges you here so you can be yourself. God wants you to be yourself and not be scared to show it. God knows the true you; and he wants his people to know the true you, too. This week is all about getting to know you and getting to know others just the same as God knows us all.

Don't be scared to let it out. Who are you? People here want to know. The people of Episcopal Youth Music Camp care. I came to camp not knowing, almost, anyone; but by the time I left I could call everyone by name. The Episcopal Church created this camp in the hopes to get more kids like me into the church and into a relationship with God, himself.

I, personally, feel God everywhere with me here. I feel him in everyone here. God's presence is with all of us here. If I hadn't come here in 2008 and all the following years, I wouldn't be who I am today.

I'm leaving as a camper at the end of the week, but I'll be back. I promise.