Thoughtful, Orchestrated Change

Kathleen Murphy

A good friend of mine picks up three pieces of trash every day. I remember saying to him, “Eeeww, that's disgusting! Aren't you afraid of germs? Isn’t that the job of the property owner or the government?” My friend just looked at me and shook his head. It was humbling to be reminded that one small intentional act multiplied by many actors makes a grand, collective difference. We know this well at Saint Mark’s, for these selfless acts are really acts of grace that touch many well beyond our walls. This is not by chance. The Holy Spirit is moving Saint Mark’s in the direction of thoughtful, orchestrated change. Tending to our beautiful historic campus is just one example of how Saint Mark’s is moving forward. This article is about the work of your Property Committee — what we do, who we are, and how we fit into the spirit of change.

The mission of Saint Mark’s Property Committee is to advise the Council and Clergy on the best possible stewardship of the Cathedral campus. Projects such as parking improvements, landscaping, lighting, signage, aesthetics, acoustics, security, and planning for future expansions are all within the purview of the Property Committee. Never a dull moment as new challenges constantly emerge.

The Property Committee members are: Prentice Beadell; Dan Erie; Doug Potter; Terry Schlink; Louise Simons (Co-Chair); Kathleen Murphy (Chair), Mary Pagnucco; Rich Maier, Mary Farrell (Chaplain), and Pat Betsinger (Administrator). These people give countless hours of their time and talent to tend our collective property at Saint Mark’s. Please thank them.

Also, please keep the Property Committee in your prayers for clarity, vision, and stamina as they move forward with project completion. No doubt you have noticed the wonderful improvements to the parking lot and newly-landscaped areas. Next in line are lighting and security system overhauls. These capital campaign projects are a top priority. And of course, the demands of everyday maintenance and repair find their way onto the to-do list, which is already lengthy. The recently-completed roof repair is a good example. In addition, two new major endeavors are just around the corner: the City of Minneapolis’ Hennepin/Lyndale reconstruction project and the collaborative building project between Saint Mark’s, ECMN, and Episcopal Homes. While still in the planning stage, it is clear that both of these projects will significantly impact Saint Mark’s. Intensive advance work by multiple players, including the Property Committee, are essential to ensuring a good outcome.

Thoughtful, orchestrated change - whether picking up trash, choosing the right lighting, negotiating contracts, or planning major construction - is never inconsequential. Indeed, we each do our part to manage our collective property at Saint Mark’s because we are inspired by the Holy Spirit to think and act beyond ourselves for the greater good. The Property Committee will keep doing its part - big and small.

PS: Despite my aversion, I now pick up trash every day...

Kathleen Murphy</br>
Saint Mark’s Property Committee, Chair

St. Mark’s Property Committee Prayer

Almighty and ever-living God, source of all wisdom and understanding, <br/>
we ask for your presence in our midst.<br/>
Teach us to seek first your will for this sacred space.<br/>
Grant us your eyes to see what is needed and what is possible.<br/>
May all who enter Saint Mark’s know the holy and loving welcome of your Spirit.<br/>
Grant that we may uphold each other in love as we labor with joy and thanksgiving, <br/>
and remain ever-committed to the common good.<br/>
May our work be a testament to your unchanging presence in this place,<br/>
and may your Spirit fill us as we fulfill our sacred duties as stewards of our beloved Cathedral.<br/>

By Mary Farrell, Property Committee Chaplain