Warren Maas

I am neither theologian nor Bible scholar but I find myself wondering about some of the stories in scripture. What is the point of 1 Kings 19:11-12, where Elijah is subjected to a wind so strong it broke rocks, an earthquake, and a fire as God passed by? We are told that God was not in the wind, quake or fire but in a “still small voice” that called Elijah to duty.

Life is full of chaos and our attention is often focused on the chaos. Who has time to listen to still small voices? Five years ago I was transitioning to a new job which required my attention as the agency I worked for struggled for survival. After the 8:00 service one day, as I was heading down the Bishop’s Hall to coffee, the idea of running for the Vestry popped into my head. I almost ignored it. I’m glad I didn’t.

Up to the time I joined the Vestry I thought being an usher once a month and being a lector twice a year made me an active member of the Cathedral Congregation. I came to realize the magnitude of that dedicated people who devote hours of their time every month (or week or day) to the operation of the Cathedral. Budget meetings, decisions about expenditures, feeding ministries, and teaching ministries are all taking place in this wonderful institution. Lives are altered by these efforts.

It is easy to come to church, get a weekly dose of inspiration and head back into the chaos assuming that somebody will take care of the Cathedral. Certainly there are people who do take care of Saint Mark’s, many of them. But there is always a need for more. To those who have been caring for Saint Mark’s I say thank you. For those who have been more passenger than crew I say you are missing the best part of Saint Mark’s. The return on investment of time is awesome. Awesome is not a word that I use on a regular basis. I’m old school. There are committees, ministries and other volunteer opportunities that require hands; skilled and unskilled. Visit the website (created and maintained by fellow parishioners) and you can find something that a still small voice may call you to join.