The Junior High Youth group is closing out a successful year.
Brian Myers

The Junior High Youth group is closing out a successful year.  We had a total of 25 kids enrolled in our class this year with average weekly attendance of about 15.  Our curriculum provides for the class to watch a short animated video each week which discusses the issues of the lesson.  This video includes several recurring characters including a duck whose quack sets off a cannon to end every video.  Our weekly video was a very popular part of each class period.  

We used doughnuts and videos to prompt our study of  key themes regarding the Bible, the Creed, Discipleship, Jesus and others issues.  As we explore these themes, we try to question and better understand our individual faiths. Beginning our year with a discussion about who wrote the Bible, God or humans, kids have realized that often the Bible is not direct but rather requires consideration and perspective.  In fact, we learned that in some cases the Bible seems to even contradict itself.  These topics have led us into discussions about contemporary issues such as teen suicide, sexuality, tolerance, school violence and terrorism.  
We often conduct fun activities which supplement the lesson.  The clear favorite this year was team construction of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while blindfolded - an activity meant to underscore how the mind needs to be aligned with the body.  Last but not least, one student commented that one of the teachers is exceptional at very limited dance moves.  I'll choose to take that as a positive comment though I'm probably wrong!

As a celebration of Spring we have begun an annual trip down Hennepin to Sebastian Joe’s for an ice cream treat.  Not surprisingly, the favorite flavor remains Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole.  The kids are pictured here outside Sebastian Joe's.  They are one of the multitude of great treasures of Saint Mark's.  I wish them a great and safe summer!