Richard Helling

This year as in past years, we are reaching out through our annual Campaign of Generosity and asking that you reflect on the grace and goodness that surround you and then make a commitment to support the mission and ministry of the Cathedral.
In the good work of restructuring our governance model and with our call to Dean Paul, we have moved into a new era with a new momentum and a renewed sense of identity and mission—now is the time to strengthen our engagement and build on this energy.

To continue Saint Mark’s traditions (this year marks our 75th as a cathedral and nearly 160 as a parish!) and, even more importantly, to continue to build on this new energy, it is important for each of us to consider our financial support for next year. After more than a decade of drawing down the endowment of Saint Mark’s for annual operating expenses, we are at a turning point: we as a congregation must all increase our financial investment in the life of Saint Mark’s. Currently, out of 650 households that contribute financially to Saint Mark’s, only 285 households do so through their sustaining financial commitment. The Council has set an overall target of a 15 percent increase in total support to allow us to carry out our missional goals in 2017 while starting to reduce our drawdown on the endowment. We ask that you carefully and prayerfully assist us in meeting that goal.

Please help meet our goal and sustain our mission by considering what Saint Mark’s adds to your life and the life of the community. If you are new to Saint Mark’s or haven’t made a specific financial commitment in the past, now would be a good time to begin. For renewing contributors, consider whether you can increase your support by 15 percent or even more, according to the limits of your personal circumstances. Return your Commitment Card using the enclosed envelop or bring it to Saint Mark’s on November 20 when all the gifts received will be blessed.

Thank you for giving this matter your serious consideration. With your help, our vision for Saint Mark’s can be extended for generations to come: a vibrant urban cathedral, drawing together diverse communities, fostering reconciliation, promoting peace and understanding; a house of music and hope; and a place for connection, healing and spiritual growth. With all of us working together, our Cathedral will continue to provide increasing service to its members and the community and will serve as an example of effective, innovative leadership to the whole Episcopal Church.