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Book Shop

A book and gift shop located in Saint Mark’s Cathedral. We carry religious and select secular books and gifts. We are open six days a week and run by our gracious volunteers. Please stop by and say, “hello” and check out our unique offerings. Stop in to visit and browse the enticing assortment of gifts, books and art. The Book Shop is open 10-2 Tuesday - 
Friday, Sunday mornings, and some special additional occasions.

As we look forward to our coming Easter Vigil baptisms, the Book Shop offers some lovely ways to help young ones entering the journey of faith.

We're celebrating Spring with an award-winning children's book and a new cache of flower-themed photo cards by Nancy Johnson.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Book Shop offers lovely little greetings and gifts to share with someone you love.

A new arrival takes a lighthearted look at the serious business of our Lenten Journey, considering the dust we're made of and our calling to stir up the dust around us.

All sorts of saintly opportunities await. Come and see…

Kelly Brown Douglas's provocative book asks us to reexamine the myth of American exceptionalism and to look clearly at the costs of assuming white privilege. A scholar and the mother of a black son, she speaks with a prophetic and challenging voice.

In troubled times, a renowned naturalist - Jane Goodall - and two modern saints - Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama - offer meditations on peace and joy.

The new year is a time of discovery at the Cathedral Book Shop: first we (re)discover how wonderful our customers have been. It’s been a great year, and we appreciate not only your business, but also the excellent suggestions you’ve offered as to what folks want to be reading next (or re-reading the great old classics).

Wonderful things await you in the Book Shop as you begin your Christmas shopping. We have gifts and greetings for all ages, and treasures from all over the world.

Two small books, one of prose poems and another of rounds to sing, highlight our array of stocking stuffers for Christmas (or any time).

Just in time for Christmas, we've received a new shipment of gilded icons—perhaps the most beautiful gift of all.

Bishop Steven Charleston's spiritual diary, originally posted on Facebook, continues with "Turn to the Wild Wind"; and we welcome the arrival of newly created Anglican rosaries by jeweler Christine Stanton.

Advent is coming soon, and the Book Shop offers collections of meditations, old and new, along with lovely Advent calendars.

If you were intrigued by Canon John Rettger's Sunday Forum discussion of Genesis, we have two fascinating books he's recommended by two prominent Jewish scholars AND we've got a new shipment of those ethereal silk scarves from Kyrgyzstan.

As we celebrate the Feast of All Saints, we feature the church's new and expanded daily Calendar, "A Great Cloud of Witnesses," and celebrate the arrival of new Byzantine icons.

The Book Shop has several offerings for Blessing of the Animals this week.

The topic for Saint Mark’s Wednesday Round Table discussions this fall is developing our personal and spiritual understanding, and features a tool known as the Ennegram. The text is “The Essential Ennegram” by Daniels and Price.

A small photo album offers a fascinating view of something most Saint Markans have never seen - the 19th century ‘old’ Saint Mark’s!...and angels

As we return for a new season, we notice that all our praying and singing have taken a toll on some of our pew Prayer Books and Hymnals. The Book Shop can help you donate new copies in honor of a special occasion or a departed loved one.

We celebrate the arrival of beautiful new crosses from Murano, Italy, and consider all the ways our faith is expressed in our primary Christian symbol.

New arrivals at the Cathedral Book Shop include "singing" prayer bowls, elegant sterling silver crosses, whimsical earrings and an array of journals touching many subjects you'll want to record.

The Good Book of Human Nature, a provocative new book by two Swiss scholars, takes an anthropological look at the Bible in the contest of developing human society.

Global Mamas. If you haven’t dropped in to the Book Shop lately, their colorful children’s clothing (dresses can be ordered in many sizes!) and bright home décor will bring a smile.

Your choices are almost limitless at the Cathedral Book Shop! For Mother's Day, graduation, confirmation, a wedding, Father's Day, we have ideas for you.

The Worst Princess: A delightful new book for children of all ages helps us to remember the value of laughter.

Rev. Lisa Wiens Heinsohn is leaving us, but has introduced us to her brother Steve’s recent book, which helps us reflect on the transitions in our lives in light of the Creation story.

’Tis the season for celebrations of all sorts, and the Book Shop “springs” into action with a new supply of greeting cards.

Leslie Williams' new book tackles being a Christian in a post-Christian world.

A new book by “professional listener” Krista Tippett considers the art and mystery of “Becoming Wise.”

Thoughts from the prophet Jeremiah and a new shipment of jewelry from India join to help us consider the subject of adornment.

As we are invited to share the experiences of Holy Week by our physical participation in its liturgies, we consider the helpfulness of using an Anglican rosary as a physical aid to prayer and meditation.

Worm Loves Worm, by J. J. Austrian, with colorful illustrations by Mike Curato, is a new book for young children about what really matters in falling and love and getting married.

Unlikely Lenten Reading: A mystery series set in WWI London offers insight into our own history and its Great War's aftermath.

A special selection of photographs brings the world closer and a new book helps us consider the work we do and its meaning.

Just in time for the New Year, the Book Shop is featuring new daily meditations from the Rev. Steve Charleston and a shipment of beautiful and inspiring icons.

Our store of treasures includes wonderful creches and other animals of all kinds.

Great selection of hand selected resources and gifts.

After finding a Baptismal card (we think we have the finest selection in town), come in and peruse our Baptismal gifts.

The divine hours, or the practice of fixed-hour prayer, is a wonderful way to balance a life of work, study, and prayer, and the Book Shop has new offerings to help.