November 28 Meditation

Embrace silence so that you can hear the master speak of things you may never find in books or idle talk.
– Rumi

November 21 Meditation

This day was made for you, crafted by loving hands from the finest ingredients of life, the beauty of dawn rising over the edge of time, the movement of the air through the trees, the sounds of children laughing around the corner, the smiles of strangers given as a fleeting signal of our shared journey, all of these things and a thousand more, waiting for you, made for you, as you wake to walk the way prepared for you from before the first breath, sprinkled with surprises, flavored by hope open to what you will choose to do, alive with your life, your ideas, your words that will turn the hands of history and write love with lasting letters.
 – Steven Charleston, Arrows of Light

November 14 Meditation

Magic doesn’t work in this new place.
Native poetry has lost rhythm and rhyme,
Familiar food is labeled a curiosity,
And hostile stares replace familial love.
To be an immigrant
Is to be solitary in the midst of millions.

365 Tao, Deng Ming-Dao

November 7 Meditation

Age is a dance between frailty and freedom. Now my mind can stretch while my body cannot. But before the last word of my song is sung, I will…
– Steven Charleston, Hope as Old as Fire

October 31 Meditation

“It is in the forms of the living that the dead most convincingly haunt us.”

– John Banville

October 24 Meditation

“Mercy is not a stone to be carved in endless judgment, but a feather to be released to the playful wind.”
-Steven Charleston, Climbing the Stairs of Sunlight