Cathedral Timelines Through 2020

(Tentative & Evolving) 
  • Phase I (present to June 1): Strict distancing; Church bldg closed; All worship & program on-line from home;
  • Phase II (June 1 to Sept 13): Modified distancing; Church bldg open to Staff, Clergy, Council; No groups scheduled; Program on-line from home; Worship live-streamed from Saint Mark’s;
  • Phase III (Sept 13 to Nov 29): Modified small groups; Church bldg open to small groups on case-by-case basis; Groups over CDC max continue to meet on-line; Book Shop open w/ limited traffic; Worship live-streamed from Saint Mark’s with possible small group on-site participation;
  • Phase IV (Nov 29 to thereafter): Large groups, w/ precaution; Church bldg open to small and large groups, w/ precaution; Book Shop open w/ limited traffic; Possible return to large group worship & program, w/ precaution.

If we, as a society, continue to exercise caution and care in our short-term physical distancing, these timelines may be shortened, in which case we will rejoice at a very pleasant surprise, indeed. Please understand, though, that these timelines may be extended if our re-emergence is exacerbated by further waves of infection.