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The Cathedral Leadership

The Cathedral Leadership

The Cathedral Leadership is composed of the elected members of Saint Mark’s who serve as part of this decision-making body for general decisions.

The Council is led by Junior and Senior Wardens who are also elected by the congregation and serve one-year terms.

Cathedral Council meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of the month and are open to congregants except when discussing certain personnel issues.

Council Nominations

Members of the Congregation are invited to nominate candidates for election to the Council of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral.

The official body of the Cathedral Leadership are:

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior, IX Bishop of ECMN
Dean: The Very Rev. Paul J. Lebens-Englund, VII Dean of Saint Mark's


Senior Warden: Mr. Jim Huber
Junior Warden: Ms. Sarah Nowlin
Treasurer: Mr. Greg Youtz
Clerk: Mrs. Iris Key

Council Chaplain

Ms. Mary Farrell


Stewardship: Mr. Richard Helling
Finance: Mr. Greg Youtz
Property: Mrs. Prentice Beadell & Mr. Dwayne Purrington
Governance: Mr. Mike Arthur & Mr. Paul Anton
Human Resources: Mr. Sten Johnson & Emmanuel Wilson


Welcome: Mr. Matthew Brown & Jeff Bullington
Life: Ms. Frances Fernandez & Cynthia Roach & Lola Brown
Outreach: Melody Herbst & Warren Maas

The Council Covenant

The Spirit

  • Focus on God's Love
  • Leave room for the Holy Spirit
  • Celebrate


  • Listen empathetically
  • Honor different communication and process styles
  • Express appreciation

Personal Responsibility

  • Use I statements, so as not to speak for others
  • Talk directly to each other
  • Speak the truth without blame


  • Assess and clarify each process
  • Hold each other accountable
  • Repect the work of subcommittees
  • Thoughtfully orchestrate change
  • Honor time
  • Trust ambiguity

Cathedral Chapter

Because we are a cathedral, we also have an additional group of representatives from other churches who serve along with the Cathedral Council as the Chapter. These representatives provide valuable input to our Cathedral leadership in how we can better serve in our role as a Cathedral for the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. The Chapter meets four times a year during the normal Cathedral Council meeting time.

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