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Diversity in Faith
We welcome people of every ethnicity and persuasion to St. Mark’s. This group offers educational opportunities for our community, including diverse art, music and events that all can enjoy.


In accordance with our Baptismal Covenant, we seek to see Christ in all people, loving our neighbors as ourselves. We will strive for justice and peace among all people, respecting the dignity of every human being, and creating an all-inclusive environment, where members and guests alike are embraced by Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral of Minnesota. We will accomplish this through our example, education, and hospitality.

We have determined that we will honor our mission statement by reaching out to all through education, using communications such as the Outlook and the Cathedral website to highlight diversity by teaching our history, in articles and in the education hour, to youth and children in and outside Saint Mark’s. Using art, music, and special events, we will honor our diversity and invite others to join us. 2014 being designated by our Bishop, the Rt Rev. Brian Prior, as “Year of the Child,” we will go out into the community seeking to embrace children who will benefit from our outreach.

Contact Minnie Steele to learn more.

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