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Episcopal 101

While this is especially fitting for people new to the Episcopal church, the classes (led by Dean Paul Lebens- Englund) are sure to engage everyone! The course will be based on the book “A People Called Episcopalians,” which is available in the Cathedral Book Shop for $6.00 and an essential read for everyone.

This series is an important step to becoming a member at Saint Mark’s.

Topics include:

  • The Episcopal identity, spirituality and characteristic ways of thinking, often known as via media, or the middle say.
  • The Episcopal use of scripture, tradition and reason; plus polical structure and organization.
  • Commitments to the practice of faith: pray, study and serve.
Upcoming Events
Oct 22, 9:15 am
Rule of Life — A Rhythm for the Good Life. Led by Dean Paul Lebens-Englund.