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First Americans First
This group honors the indigenous people of the Americas, in particular those first people of Minnesota. We have a special connection with All Saints Indian Mission and support that mission, working together to prepare and serve a community meal.

First Nations’ Kitchen (FNK) is a ministry of All Saints’ Episcopal Indian Mission in Minneapolis and has been serving healthy, organic, traditional indigenous food in a welcoming, family environment every Sunday evening since November 2, 2008.

While all are welcome at the table, FNK serves primarily indigenous people in the Twin Cities, particularly residents of nearby Little Earth of the United Tribes, the largest indigenous urban housing community in the U.S. FNK models environmentally sustainable practices in all aspects of the program (composting, recycling) and serve fare based on an ancestral diet of First Nations people (buffalo, wild rice, elk, fish, deer, and turkey).

Every week, First Nations Kitchen also rescues and distributes fresh, organic produce both to dinner guests and to underserved people throughout the Twin Cities.

Meals are served from 5:30 to 6:30 pm every Sunday. First Nations Kitchen is located at 3044 Longfellow Avenue, Minneapolis.

Read more about the First Nations First Kitchen. Contact Minnie Steele to learn more or to volunteer.