Learning and Living Our Faith

Sunday Mornings 9:15 AM Community Room

Winter/Spring Offerings

During the Winter/Spring sessions we will once again focus on what it means theologically and practically to live out the Good News and represent the presence of God’s Kingdom.  You will be encouraged to grow deeper in faith, understanding and commitment through the study of Biblical texts, theological concepts, and ministry opportunities. Life in the Spirit requires both “living for God” and “living with God”. A deep and growing spiritual life fuels a life of compassion, mercy and justice. Come grow with us in this season.

Contact: Jay Phelan at [email protected].

1.5 and 1.12 God’s Presence in the Sacraments: Baptism and Holy Eucharist

            In the fifth century Augustine of Hippo described a sacrament as “an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace.” Our catechism repeats this definition and adds that the “sure and certain means” by which we receive that grace are the two sacraments: Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist. Sounds a very simple position, but to understand the depth of what that means we need to probe more deeply. What do Holy Baptism (1.5) and Holy Eucharist (1.12) mean to the Church historically and today? What do they mean to you?

1.19 During this session we will meet the candidates to offer leadership to St. Mark’s Cathedral for the coming year.

1.26 In this hour we will hold the Annual Meeting of St. Mark’s Cathedral.

2.2 A Study of the Words of Jesus

            The Sermon on the Mount contains the most beautiful and challenging words of Jesus. Among those words the Beatitudes seem the most simple and straightforward. But Jesus’ words are seldom as simple as they seem. These words have challenged and perplexed Jesus’ followers since they were first uttered. What do these astonishing pronouncements mean to Jesus’ disciples today?

2.9 Favorite Hymns of the Canon Musician

            St. Markan’s look forward to the sessions on church music provided by our Canon Musician, Ray Johnson. This year he will share his thoughts on hymnody old and new.  Come prepared to sing! 

2.16 Third Sunday with Dean Paul

            Dean Paul will be back on every third Sunday sharing his insights and reflections on the life of the Cathedral, the Episcopal Church, and the wider Christian world. These are valued times of interaction between the Dean and the congregation.

2.28 Community Engagement: Minnesota’s 2020 Legislative Session and Our Faith in Action Group’s Advocacy Agenda and Plans

            Come to learn more about St. Mark’s faith-based advocacy groups (housing, gun violence prevention, climate justice, immigration reform/sanctuary state movement) and bout their interfaith organizing partners and their work at the local and state levels. Leave informed and able to engage as people of faith and concerned citizens.

3.1 and 3.8 Introducing Judaism

            These sessions will begin a series of sessions on our interfaith partners in the Minneapolis/St. Paul community. We begin with our “elder brother.” In two sessions we will introduce Judaism as a faith community and its connection with Christianity (3.1) and have the opportunity to interact with a local rabbi on Jewish faith and practice today (3.8).

3.15 Third Sunday with Dean Paul

3.22 DC Trip Report and Reflections

            A report and reflection on this past summer’s trip to Washington, D. C. from our youth.

3.28 An introduction to Islam

            A speaker from the Islamic Resource Group will introduce us to the history and practice of Islam and answer our questions. Islam is the third of the great “Abrahamic” faiths with startling connections to both Christianity and Judaism. It should be a fascinating session.

4.5  What Was Palm Sunday?

            During this session we will explore the Gospel accounts of Palm Sunday. What really happened that day? What did it all mean? This engages us both with the varied Jewish expectations for “the age to come” and the intentions of Jesus as his Passion drew near.

4.12 Easter Sunday—No Program

4.19 Third Sunday with Dean Paul

4.26 St, Mark’s Community Engagement Presents: Program Year in review, in context

            What do we mean by SEND? We will talk about the arc of our community engagement work over the last five years, where we’ve been and where we are headed. Come and hear about what we’ve been up to with our direct service, off-site mission partners and our Faith in Action advocacy groups. Learn the ‘how” and ‘why: behind this work and opportunities to engage.

5/3 and 5/10 Introduction of Buddhism

            Our third interfaith conversation will be with a Zen Buddhist priest. This “eastern religion” is quite different from the Abrahamic traditions considered earlier in the term. Nevertheless, it has had a significant impact within American culture and within, especially, Jewish and Christian meditative and mystical practices. This is a fascinating opportunity to experience a less known and understood tradition.

5.17 Third Sunday with Dean Paul




Episcopal 101

Sunday Mornings, 9:15 am The Library

Episcopal 101 is the initial 6-part series for learning more about the Episcopal church in general, our history and our structure. This class will utilize the book “A People Called Episcopalians”, which is available in our Cathedral Bookshop.


3/1, Ethos: history and order
3/8, Pathos: spirituality and disposition
3/22, Rule of Life: pray, study, serve
3/29, How we pray: BCP and Bible
4/5, Stewardship: gifts and talents
4/26, Navigating the church