Planned Giving, also known as ‘estate planning,’ is a way to include Saint Mark’s in your long-term financial plans by committing the transfer of your various financial resources to Saint Mark’s upon your death. Planned gifts could come from many different kinds of your assets – including retirement accounts, insurance policies, or stocks/bonds.

These gifts may be designated to support a particular interest or passion of yours at Saint Mark’s or may be undesignated for general financial support.

 Planned gifts such as these provide Saint Mark’s financial stability through times of transition and change. They are essential, along with Annual Giving and Capital Giving, to Saint Mark’s overall financial health, vitality, and sustainability over time.

 To learn more or to make a gift, contact the Cathedral business office here.

Generations: Through thoughtful planning we can ensure that future generations of Saint Mark’s will experience and share that which we have found so valuable in our lives.