To pledge now, please fill out the online form below or download and print off the forms and return them to the church office. Contact Us for more information or to answer any questions.

You may also text “give” to 320-332-0183 and sign up to give via

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  • Giving Options

    Of all your options for giving, St. Mark’s highly prefers pledges. If you’re currently pledging, our preference would be that you increase your pledge. If you have not pledged yet, our preference would be that you pledge. One-time gifts are wonderful, and we appreciate them, if that’s what works for you. But pledges provide the consistency and sustainability that make management of St. Mark’s finances so much easier. Thanks for your generous gifts!
  • Payment information will be given in the email confirmation.

    For ACH payments: send in a voided check to the church office. ACH Withdrawals will be made on the 8th of the month. Credit & debit on the 25th. This authority remains in effect until I notify Saint Mark’s Cathedral in writing to cancel, at least one week prior to the next withdrawal date; or I notify my financial institution three days before my account is to be charged.
  • By electronically signing my name, I am agreeing to the terms listed above.