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Greeters welcome worshippers into the Cathedral and provide the gift of hospitality to those who come to our doors.

Purpose of the Greeter Position

Greeters extend our mission of passionate hospitality by helping newcomers and long-standing members of Saint Mark’s feel welcomed, engaged, and comfortable at worship services and other special events.


Circulate through campus (Fire Place Room , entrances, parking lot…) before and after worship service to: 1) Engage in welcoming conversation as appropriate; 2) Answer basic questions about programming;
3) Direct people to various rooms and places on the campus; 4) Serve as priest’s “right hand person” after service to continue hospitality. Greeters coordinate with the Ushers to enhance each other’s function and avoid duplication. Greeters are highly visible, and wear a yellow ribbon/stole.

Skill & Gifts Needed in This Position

An appreciation for the importance of building community at Saint Mark’s; Comfort greeting strangers; Enjoyment in conversation, and Sensitivity to personal boundaries.

Time Commitment

Twenty minutes before the assigned worship service time, and twenty minutes afterward during coffee and fellowship. Ideally: 1– 2 Sunday worship services per month. If unavailable to serve on an assigned date, coordinate with other Greeters to find a substitute. A one-year commitment is requested, which can be renewed or extended as desired.

Training Provided

Orientation provided by the Greeter Ministry. To keep this ministry cohesive and well-informed, the Greeters meet annually in the Fall for training, problem-solving, and fellowship.

Contact Roxie Markie or Linda Brandt