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Faith Formation at Home

Christian Birthday Prayers and Blessings

Birthdays, when viewed through a Christian lens, allow us to celebrate and value God’s gift of life. When we honor the day of someone’s birth, we make at least two major theological claims:

First: all life comes from God, and every person is literally a gift from God. This is something to tell each other over and over: “Your birth was a gift; You are God’s intention!”

Second: each year of life is another opportunity to live in God’s love, and live into God’s call. On a birthday, we should feel deep gratitude, and also a sense of holy responsibility. We begin another 365 days with the chance to love and serve God, and love and serve others. Read more on Building Faith.

A Daily Prayer Practice: The License Plate Prayer

The average American spends 101 minutes a day driving! Why not consider using some of that time to connect with God, your family, and your community? Look at the letters of the license plates on the cars around you. Offer up a prayer for a person that you know whose name begins with the letter on the license plate. Of, if you see a care from a different state, pray for someone you know from that state, or for the people of that state as a whole.
(Post from Building Faith, a ministry of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary, with thanks to Emily Slichter Given.)

Praying before Meals at Home

“When we intentionally invite God into meal times, we remind children – and adults – how God is intimately involved in all of our lives. Furthermore, we demonstrate how to connect with God regularly and sincerely.” Read more by Gary Taylor on Building Faith

Dear Parents: Thank You for Bringing your Children to Church

A wonderful letter, posted on Building Faith

Raising Children to Know, Love & Serve God

Article from Parenting Series on www.vts.edu. Read the PDF article

Why Kids Need Halloween – A Christian Perspective

Halloween offers children the opportunity to explore different personas. It also offers us time to reflect: concealing the person God made us to be, our true self, is wearisome. God made us in His image, each of us special and unique. Read more on Bulding Faith

Space for God in Storytime

A great way to talk to kids about God. From the Storypath Blog

Are You Present with Your Kids?

"Presence is more than sharing air. The essence of it is sharing hearts." By Jim Jackson, Connected Families

Children are on a mission: God is working in, through and with them.

What is our role as parents - or caregivers? Summer Nurture – Talking and Listening with Children

Fun and Simple Summer Activity

A summer day playing in the sand is a good time to explore Jesus' parable of building a house on rock and not on sand. Our faith is solid with Jesus' help. Learn more at Vibrant Faith at Home

Teaching Kids to Be Responsible for Their Own Actions

When our kids hurt their siblings, our sense of justice compels us to punish them. But sometimes punishment is not the best way to teach responsibility and wisdom. Check out this story from Jess on Connected Families.

Compliments that Nourish Kids's Character

We do it all the time. “Nice work! Great job! You’re so awesome!”
It’s nice to take notice and give energy to the good things our kids do. But throwing kids compliments like this without any substance is akin to throwing them popcorn when they’re hungry. It tastes good and kids want more, but it doesn’t really nourish. Read the article at Connected Families

Children's Literature

Storypath is a resource for finding literature for children that can be used in faith formation.

Talking to Children About God

"Who are God's parents? Why is there evil in the world? Does God hear my prayers?" The questions are the questions that parents ask. Are we satisfied giving our children an intellectual but not a spiritual education? Read more from Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, about how to talk to children about God.

Christian Formation Inspiration

BuildingFaith Blog is an on-line community for Christian education and faith formation leaders. Clergy and lay professionals and church volunteers from different denominations can share knowledge and best practices, offering each other encouragement and practical tools.

Simple Ways for a Child to Help a Friend in Need

Download an Activity Sheet with ideas for helping friends in need from Vibrant Faith at home.

Should my Kids See this Movie? A Website to Help Parents and Teachers

Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of summer, and with summer come movies. Whether you are taking kids to the theater, or looking for a movie to show a youth group, or simply watching a movie at home – the question always comes up, “Is this OK for kids?”

Read more on BuildingFaith