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Another Look at the Good Book

Singly and together, Saint Markans over the years have studied the Bible in many ways. Some took the Bible Challenge, reading the whole thing in one year. Classes have focused on its individual books; EFM veterans have spent four years with it; we’ve spent time with the prophets and the evangelists. Much of our study has aimed to deepen our historical understanding and the cultural context in which our faith story evolved. Now, two Swiss scholars are offering us a much wider view. Carl van Schaik, a biological anthropologist, and Kai Michel, a historian and literary scholar, in The Good Book of Human Nature: An Evolutionary Reading of the Bible, consider our cultural evolution from an anthropological viewpoint, arguing that the Bible was written to make sense of humanity’s greatest challenge: the transition from egalitarian hunter-gatherers to agricultural societies. They present the Bible as more than just a pillar for religious belief: a pioneering attempt a t scientific inquiry and a strategy for dealing with the major problems of living in settled societies. Their provocative work addresses not only the story of our collective past, but problems that face us still today.

And another look…at the wonderful creations we’re enjoying from Global Mamas. If you haven’t dropped in to the Book Shop lately, their colorful children’s clothing (dresses can be ordered in many sizes!) and bright home décor will bring a smile. AND—Cindy and Susan have returned from Atlanta with new goodies from the annual trade show. Details will follow; come and see…