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Generations of Saint Markans have become familiar with our Cathedral, inside and out. They know the smooth wooden surfaces of the pews, the warm pink glow of the walls, the images in stained glass, the carved figures at the altar and pulpit, the texture and feeling of being in this sacred place. Many have read its histories, and have their own stories to tell of the people who’ve worshipped here and events large and small that have shaped our particular story. But few, we’ll bet, have in their minds an image of the previous Saint Mark’s, whose demise/sale made our own Cathedral possible. Now, the Book Shop has a surprise for them – inside the covers of an album by Arthur Louis Finnell titled The Episcopal Church in Minnesota: A Historical View in Stereo –The
Early Years. There, among other (many bygone) churches in our diocese, is the old Saint Mark’s downtown church, which eventually suffered such disrepair (a bad boiler and a worse roof) that the property was sold to build our “new” Saint Mark’s – yet another example of how a dire situation led to a new birth in the Church.

Also: admirers of our Kenyan soapstone carvings will be happy to know we’ve received a new shipment! The tiny and colorful creations include angels, cats, origami-style cranes and more. They make wonderful little gifts to cheer a friend or entertain a child. Come and see…