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Book Shop News: Homecoming Thoughts
As we return for a new season, we notice that all our praying and singing have taken a toll on some of our pew Prayer Books and Hymnals. The Book Shop can help you donate new copies in honor of a special occasion or a departed loved one.

As Saint Markans pour back into town and into their (respective?) pews and choir stalls after summer absences, we note how our collective voices of prayer and praise swell more strongly, and the very air around us fills our beautiful space. We can pause for a moment and imagine what 100 or more years’ worth of glory and intercession that amounts to (not unlike counting the stars in the sky), especially when joined to the great cloud of witnesses over all the world who have sung and prayed for thousands of years before us.

This sort of thing does, however, take a toll. Have you also (ahem) noticed that some of the pew Prayer Books and Hymnals are no longer quite pristine, and that some (like the Velveteen Rabbit) have grown shabby from years of devoted use? Now, as the new season opens, might be a good time to remember a departed companion in faith or to honor a personal milestone by donating a new BCP or Hymnal pew copy. The Book Shop has a good supply, and if your own home prayer book has seen better days (or if you gave it away to help a friend), you might consider a new one for yourself. (And if you’d fare better with a large-print version, we have those too.) Many fine versions are available; just come and see….