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Book Shop News: Personal and Spiritual Development
The topic for Saint Mark’s Wednesday Round Table discussions this fall is developing our personal and spiritual understanding, and features a tool known as the Ennegram. The text is “The Essential Ennegram” by Daniels and Price.

When most of us consider our spiritual development, we probably view it in light of what we’ve read or heard, what in Scripture or literature or art appeals to us, what kinds of things resonate with us. We are less likely to consider how OUR personality figures in the equation, and what there is about us individually that determines how we grow – or don’t grow – spiritually. What helps or hinders us, and what can we do to understand our own position? These questions are the subject of this fall’s Wednesday Round Tables, beginning on October 26.

To aid in this study and discussion, we’ll be using a tool known as the Enneagram, and reading a book called The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels, M.D., and Virginia Price, Ph. D. Based on research with over 1000 subjects, they discuss nine (the prefix ennea means nine) personality types, one or more of which describes each of us. By learning which types we most resemble, we can discover which parts of ourselves help or limit our personal and spiritual growth, and find ways to develop (or offset) our particular skills (or weaknesses).

You can go to ourcathedral.org/roundtable for more information and to register; and take a look at this fascinating book – among many others! – at the Book Shop. Come and see….