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Daily Meditations
Just in time for the New Year, the Book Shop is featuring new daily meditations from the Rev. Steve Charleston and a shipment of beautiful and inspiring icons.

Beginning a new year in the church and beyond it, we have the opportunity to try new approaches in nurturing and refreshing our inner lives. Just in time for this New Year, the Book Shop has received the latest volume of the Rev. Steve Charleston’s spiritual diary, Arrow of Light. Its predecessors, Hope as Old as Fire, Cloud Walking, and Climbing Stairs of Sunlight, have spoken to thousands of readers in daily meditations that draw on Native American wisdom and reflections on modern Christian life.

If your prayer practice dwells more on images than on words, you’ll be interested to see our large new collection of icons. Painted to evoke the attributes of God, of Christ and the saints, they teach without words, inspiring devotion in those who pray in their presence; their very creation is an act of prayer. Traditionally, the icon “sees” the observer as he or she sees it, reminding us that we too are “the image of God.” This thought gives new meaning to the Book Shop’s favorite phrase – Come and see!