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Book Shop News: Dust Bunnies in the Baskets

Many of us think of Lent as a sort of spiritual spring-cleaning time, in which we are tempted to ponder our sins, bewailing our shortcomings (New Year’s resolutions, Round 2?) and fretting over our distance from divinity. The Revs. Tim Schenck and cartoonist Jay Sidebotham take a different tack in their recent Dust Bunnies in the Basket: Finding God in Lent and Easter (Forward Movement publishers). They explore the dust that we’re made of, connecting the mundane with the divine, and encouraging (challenging!) us to “kick up some dust now and then, to roll up our sleeves and get involved with the world and the people around us.” The sins we acknowledge and confess are always to be seen in the light of God’s grace and His desire for our reconciliation. Lighthearted but thought-provoking, the authors (who also have collaborated on Dog in the Manger: Finding God in Christmas Chaos) gently but spiritedly travel with us on our Lenten journey.

This and many delights of the coming Easter season await you in the Book Shop; come and see…