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Book Shop News: Our Souls and Bodies

This Palm Sunday, we were invited by Dean Paul (in his monthly Forum) and Rev. Lisa (in her sermon) to consider living more physically into the events of Holy Week -- not as a cerebral meditation only, but by literally moving in the Week’s liturgical actions. Experiencing the exuberance of Palm Sunday, the darkness of Wednesday’s Tenebrae, the call to service of Maundy Thursday, the grief and wonder of “Good” Friday – these become more meaningful for many by physically participating in the liturgies, beyond only observing them.

If this seems a fruitful path for you, you may want to consider using the Anglican Rosary as a year-round aid to your prayer and meditation. Using larger and smaller beads to symbolize the seven days of the week (seasons of the liturgical year, days of creation) and the four Gospels (seasons, points of the compass, elements), they are not holy objects but aids to mindfulness, a circle of thoughts culminating in a single bead for the Lord’s Prayer and finally the Cross.

Artist Christine Stanton’s rosary creations are much in demand, and the Book Shop is fortunate to be able to offer some of them, each unique in its collection of beads and semiprecious stones from all over the world. She came to the making of them in response to two major life tragedies, and found the rosary a significant aid to her own recovery and healing; her hope (and ours) is that they serve to enrich the prayer life of those who use them. Come and see…