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Book Shop News: When Anything Goes
So here we are, just having emerged from our Easter celebrations: exhilaration and perhaps unexplainable joy must step into a world that does not speak its language, does not know the stories that surround the Christian narrative, and has forgotten the biblical origins of law and cultural symbols.

It is a post-Christian world, no matter what we wish it might be. Even those who faithfully recite the Creed, and for whom our hymns and collects have the ring of truth, may find themselves wondering just how they would spell out their own constellation of beliefs if put to the test.

Into this world ventures Leslie Williams, an English professor, with her new book, When Anything Goes: Being a Christian in a Post-Christian World. Rather than apologetics or scholarly theological arguments, she uses the language of literature and rhetoric and her own personal narrative to reflect on our origins, the nature of meaning, our limitations, and how deity might be interpreted. Considering faith and the Holy Spirit, choice and control, the Church, sin and forgiveness, her language is down-to-earth in exploring her conviction that God is “not only alive and well, but still redeeming us from our follies and bad decisions,” as one reviewer puts it.

If you are one of those pondering the place of Christianity in THIS world, Williams may be just the writer to help you articulate your own position. Her book, along with many other helpful, provocative, challenging volumes, can (of course) be found in the Book Shop; just come and see…