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Book Shop News: Season’s Greetings
“Season’s Greetings” indeed? Why, yes! Crocus are sprouting, robins and cardinals are building their nests, and young fledglings are gearing up to leave theirs.

New stages of life are coming into being for all kinds of our fellow creatures, signaled by graduations, ordinations, weddings, and more. Those taking wing in various ways are wanting to thank those that nurtured them – parents, teachers, friends.

And, as luck would have it, the Book Shop has just received a new supply of the popular Credo Designs greetings to help with all these occasions, and more. Their charming calligraphy designs are cheerful accompaniments to your own thoughts and thanks (and economical too). And, if you are among the many who enjoy lending or passing along a favorite book, Credo offers a little something extra: a colorful bookmark with a teabag attached to tuck inside.

In a world with so much mail, and so much of it unwanted, it has become a remarkable thing to receive a handwritten greeting, and something of a miracle to get one for no reason at all except that the writer was thinking of you. Isn’t there someone you’d like to remember that way? The Book Shop can help; come and see…