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Book Shop News: Adornment

This week we’ve had occasion to ponder the subject of jewelry and adornment in general, the unlikely source of which was Fr. Roger’s thought-provoking discussion of the book of Jeremiah (a very interesting read, if you haven’t looked at it lately). The prophet argues that Israel has forgotten God in favor of local deities and has not remembered the Lord’s mighty works. The language Jeremiah uses is actually quite poetic in evoking God’s love and Israel’s faithlessness: in Ch. 2 God asks “Can a girl forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire?” These images, expressed so poignantly, suggest the wealth and beauty of what Israel has cast aside.

This carried us to considering how people think of their jewelry. For some, it’s an expression of exuberance – the more the better—and essential to their wardrobe. In some cultures it signifies wealth and social prominence. To some, a simple wedding ring or other personal memento of a loved one is all that’s wanted – more than that would feel strange to them. And for some, an emblem such as a cross signals all they want an observer to notice. So, with these thoughts percolating in the brain, we ran across a new shipment of jewelry from our importer Moksha, handmade in India, and one particular piece found its way into our hand. It was a necklace, many strands of tiny, pale glass beads, that was like a spill of raindrops, a heavenly gift, glittering when the sunlight touched them. We couldn’t help but smile, and think of the joy of “April showers.” Not every piece of jewelry is so evocative, and your fancy might be caught by something completely different. But these are fascinating pieces crafted of beautiful materials (including semiprecious stones, yet surprisingly inexpensive), wonderful gifts for someone you care about – or yourself! The Book Shop has yet another reason for you to come and see…