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Book Shop News: Becoming Wise

Krista Tippett, cherished by NPR audiences for her thoughtful series On Being, has written a new book, Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living, in which she asks how we can “give voice to those raw, essential, heartbreaking and life-giving places in us, so that we may know them more consciously, live what they teach us, and mine their wisdom for our life together.” Her goal is the cultivation of “wholeness beyond progress; hope beyond pragmatism; love beyond realpolitik,” with beauty as a core moral value, and civility and love as “muscular practice.”

Drawing from the experience and teaching of those she has interviewed, she focuses of five topics: words; the body; love; faith; and hope; and she finds them all to be “breeding grounds for wisdom,” transformative and challenging. She shows us how truth often lies at the margins of things, “the edges of what words can touch,” and that wisdom is often informed by curiosity and delight, humor and humility, and characterized by virtuous listening to those we meet. This wisdom offers strength to look at our world where it really is, and how we can make it better. We think this book is a joy to read, a fountain of encouragement.

AND…one of the places we learn wisdom is from our mothers (biological or otherwise). This Sunday being Mothers’ Day, don’t forget yours! The Book Shop is your source for pretty cards, charming jewelry, art work, and – oh yes – books she might enjoy. Come and see…