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Book Shop News: Ancient Traditions, Modern Means

Since he began posting his spiritual diary on Facebook several years ago, Bishop Steven Charleston has gathered tens of thousands of “Friends” and followers. An elder of the Choctaw Nation and former Episcopal Bishop of Alaska, he combines the Native American theology of North American indigenous people with generations of Christian tradition and Buddhist wisdom. He nonetheless considers himself “the herald of the ordinary, the mystic of the common, the prophet of the obvious, believing that “Heaven is not over the rainbow, but in the earth we smell after the rain.” His generous-hearted message is for people in all places, from all walks of life, envisioning peace and healing for a world searching for meaning. This latest volume, Turn to the Wild Wind, continues his journey and assists ours.

Just as daily meditations or keeping a spiritual diary can nourish our life in God, many people have also come to appreciate the Anglican rosary as an aid to daily prayer. Artist Christine Stanton’s unique creations feature such materials as petrified wood, silver, porcelain, jasper, turquoise, and jade; each evokes the beauty and preciousness of prayer as a faithful practice. Come and see…