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Book Shop News: At Last

…we can begin to look towards the Nativity, with all its attendant splendor and commotion. The joy of picking out just the right little gift, in honor and echo of the Great Gift. A single sparkling ornament to mark this year. A Christmas book—we have many—to intrigue a grandchild as you read it. The Book Shop is brimming with wonderful things! Among them you’ll find delicately painted ceramic ornaments from Uzbekistan, a child’s night light in glass depicting the Christmas story, Christmas cards simple or bright (don’t miss Nancy Johnson’s photo cards!), glowing jewelry to adorn your holiday outfit or a friend’s. (And if you want to remember someone for whom Christmas isn’t so jolly, we have cards that speak a quieter message of care and friendship.)

For a new family, or an older one that’s growing, consider our new multi-year Christmas journal –a place to record what you’re giving Aunt Gladys this year so you don’t repeat yourself next year (or to remember what she gave you). It has many headings for things you’ll want to recall, and pages for highlights and photographs. And don’t miss our large array of crèches, from many countries, simple or ornate; every home could have one.

And these are only the beginning. Now is the time to delight yourself and prepare to amaze those you love, and the Book Shop is the place to come and see…