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Book Shop News: Thanks and Welcome Back!
The new year is a time of discovery at the Cathedral Book Shop: first we (re)discover how wonderful our customers have been. It’s been a great year, and we appreciate not only your business, but also the excellent suggestions you’ve offered as to what folks want to be reading next (or re-reading the great old classics).

It’s also been inventory time, when we sort and count EVERYTHING, and unearth hidden gems that, oh yes, we’d just forgotten about. The Cards by Anne, for instance: they combine calligraphy with wonderfully chosen greetings. One has that comforting thought from the Persian poet Rumi “We’re all just walking each other home.” Others feature sayings from Meister Eckhart, Julian of Norwich, Saint Teresa, and even Pope Francis, not to mention a couple about the Hokey Pokey. The collection of boxed cards reproduced from The Saint John’s Bible include remarkably beautiful botanical images as well as imaginative biblical illuminations, and you can write your own messages in them. We also have boxed notecards including icons, stained glass, and John Cuningham’s calligraphic drawings. We have countless ways to help you say “Thank you” (if, ahem, you haven’t already) and “I care” (from Valentines to get well cards and more).

And cards are only the beginning. Now that we’ve reorganized ourselves, you too may notice new treasures you’ve missed before, making this the perfect time to (bring a friend and) come and see…