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Book Shop News: Removing the Veil of Illusion

A great many of the world’s religions and spiritual practices aspire that we, as faithfully as we may, remove the layers and veils of illusion that obscure our vision and delay or prevent our becoming what we were created, as individuals and nations, to be. For America, and for many of us, this includes the myth of Anglo-Saxon exceptionalism, which posits a Divine partiality to whites at the expense of “lesser” peoples, a myth perpetuated for generations and centuries, and one which is played out yet today in our midst. This is the turbulent and heartbreaking world portrayed by the Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas in her challenging book, Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God. She speaks –and will speak here on March 15—not only as a historian and theologian, but also as the mother of a black son, of the terrible cost in perpetuating this myth, and of the struggle to remember that God is in charge, present with those who suffer. She recalls Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream that the justice of God will prevail, and urges us toward the time when the stand-your-ground culture will be no more.

Joining her will be prizewinning local poet Donte Collins, performing works that speak of race, class, sexuality, adoption, and social justice. The event is co-sponsored by St. David’s, St. John the Evangelist, Saint Mark’s, and ECMN, and all are invited.