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Book Shop News: Nurturing New Life
However modest our last winter was, most of us are ready to welcome Spring in all its forms. For some, it’s watching tiny sprouts of green in the garden; for others it’s watching the DNR “Eagle-Cam” with its three growing eaglets. For still others it’s emerging from a “winter” of illness or surgery into a new and rehabilitated life.

At Saint Mark’s, we’ll watch new life of another kind blossom at our Easter Vigil, where, we hear, six babies will receive the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, and where we will renew our own vows. As we help these new members of our household grow in faith, the Book Shop is happy to suggest some lovely books to accompany them (or other young ones you care about) on their journey. Water Come Down: The Day You Were Baptized is a beautiful poem (and beautifully illustrated by Gerardo Suzán) about water and all the elements of creation, and a joy to read. Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams, in God’s Dream, encourage children to ponder their own dreams and, learning to understand themselves as children of God, contemplate how they can help God’s dream come true.

Older children may enjoy Paraclete Press’s Bible for Kids, by Juliet David and generously illustrated by Jo Parry. Favorite Old and New Testament stories are told simply – a fine introduction. Finally, beloved artist Tomie de Paola’s Book of Bible Stories uses New International Version Biblical texts to create an appealing volume to be treasured for years by people of all ages. These, and so much more, await you at the Book Shop; come and see…