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Community Events

This is America: Christians, Jews and Muslims Celebrating Independence Day

Tuesday, July 4, 1-4 pm
St. James on the Parkway, 3225 E. Minnehaha Parkway

On the 4th of July, faith, family and friendship bring together Christian, Jewish and Muslim Minnesotans at our state’s first Abrahamic TriFaith Independence Day celebration of unity.

Like many traditional 4th of July gatherings, This Is America features food trucks, music and kid-friendly activities. But this event is also different from any other. Three tents provide space for each faith to offer worship, educational and service activities, art, music, and storytelling. A common social space offers shared activities.

The event’s stage features entertainers of all three faiths including award-winning actor/ singer Regina Marie Williams, songwriter/singer Ali Gray, pianist and jazz artist Mark Bloom and hip hop artist Brother Ali.

This Is America is designed and hosted by an Abrahamic Tri-Faith coalition: The National Council of Jewish Women Minnesota, Rabata, Episcopal Church of St. James on the Parkway, Reviving Sisterhood, By the Rivers, Muslim & Jewish Women of Minnesota, and Daybreak Press. The larger goal of this coalition is to engage others throughout the Twin Cities to create an Abrahamic Tri-Faith Center. The Center will honor and respect the uniqueness of Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths and will provide opportunities to learn from one another and work together to address discrimination and injustice.

All are invited to attend This Is America, on the tree-shaded lawn of The Episcopal Church of St. James on the Parkway, 3225 E. Minnehaha Parkway, Minneapolis. 1-4 pm, Tuesday, July 4, 2017. The event is free and tickets are not required. Bring a picnic lunch. Or look for food and drinks available for purchase from food trucks.

Contact Ruth Anne Olson  with any questions!

World Refugee Day Festival

Sunday, July 16 1-5 pm
Loring Park

Twin Cities World Refugee Day Festival is a family-oriented day of celebration that highlights the stories, arts, and cultures of the 100,000+ refugees in Minnesota and the diversity of cultures, experiences and assets they bring to our community. The purpose of World Refugee Day is to provide a platform for refugee stories and artistic practices, to honor their lives and raise awareness of the millions of refugees in the world who have been forced to flee their homes.

The annual event is held each year in June by a collaboration of resettlement agencies, community based organizations, for-profit entities and ordinary citizens to recognize refugees’ journeys to their new homes through celebration and education. The festival is a proud community event that is planned and implemented by volunteers.