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Book Shop News: Spring Celebrations

The Book Shop has much to celebrate these days, first of all learning that one of our featured writers, J. J. Austrian (son-in-law of Steve and Ginny Muehlberg) has received this year’s Minnesota Book Award for Children’s Literature. Worm Loves Worm, with illustrations by Mike Curato, is a whimsical but provocative tale

of worms in love who want to marry, and how their friends help them accomplish all the details. The simply drawn creatures, including “Best Beetle” and “Bride’s Bees,” will appeal to younger children, and the story’s charm is sure to draw their parents in as well.

Another welcome surprise is the arrival of a new bouquet of color photo cards from Saint Markan Nancy A. Johnson, featuring bright tulips and spring flowers. (Admirers of her Cathedral interior photos will be glad to know that Nancy is also preparing often-requested exterior views of Saint Mark’s.) These are the perfect place to write your own greeting or –remembering that April is Poetry Month-- your own poem.

And yes, we have poems too; and diaphanous scarves…and cleverly crafted animal booties from Uzbekistan…and baskets to brighten your table…and more. Come and see…