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Book Shop News: Things That Gladden Our Hearts
This is the season when the world offers one gift after another: the fragrance of lilacs after winter’s shutdown of our sense of smell; bright tulips and a fresh green world after winter’s black-and-white landscape. All of our senses reawaken, and our faith celebrates Easter’s joy of resurrection; we shed heavy coats and hibernating hearts, opening ourselves to feeling lighter and unfettered.

In keeping with such giddiness, a visit to the Book Shop will offer a bouquet of treats for lightening the heart. Sy Vang’s colorful coasters – miniature applique quilts – are the perfect resting place for your lemonade, but it gets better: you have to smile at her tiny little mermaids, long-haired and gleaming – who doesn’t need a little mermaid? Craft and fancy meet together here, and they bring out the whimsical in us. One visitor contemplated carrying her in his jacket pocket – much more fun than a pocket square.

Another source of happiness is to be found in the writings of Portland’s Brian Doyle. We’ve mentioned him before – his little book of prose poems, How the Light Gets In: And Other Headlong Epiphanies, features one of the choicest descriptions of Easter we’ve ever seen – and now we’ve added more of his titles, including his collection of
“headlong” tales, The Mighty Currawongs & Other Stories. These little episodes introduce us to a cast of amazing characters, such as an archbishop who loses his faith between the salad and the entrée, a singing Korean baker, and tailors who specialize in holes. If your gladditude hasn’t caught up with the season, or if you know someone who needs a lift, the Book Shop is the place for you, where these and other treasures await in abundance. Come and see…