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Artist Call
Interfaith Art Competition

The theme of this exhibition is “The Holy Among Us” as understood through the three Abrahamic religions i.e., Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions.


Cash prizes will be given to the first, second and third place submissions by a jury. First place, $500.00, second place, $200.00, third place, $100.00 respectively.

Jury Process

Three members of the cathedral will judge the art works based on esthetic appeal relative to the theme of the holy among us.


Artists 18 years of age and older are invited to enter this competition. Only original two dimensional works, not exceeding 36” on any side, will be considered. Paintings, drawings, digital giclee monoprints, collage and photographs are acceptable.


Only one work from each artist will be judged. Send only one digital image (shortest dimension 1000 pixels) via this submission form, or one hard copy photograph. Include your contact information ( name, address, phone number and email address).

Or, mail a copy to Saint Mark's, 519 Oak Grove, Minneapolis, MN 55403, Attn: Gregory McDaniels


Works can be exhibited for sale or not for sale. The cathedral requests 30% of the sale for maintaining the gallery. The cathedral bookstore will handle the sale of art works and will issue checks to artists should their work be sold. Artists are asked to sign a simple contract for purposes of identifying their work and issuing a check.

Important Dates

The deadline for submissions of digital images or hard copy by mail is August 20, 2017. Artists will be notified if their work is accepted for the exhibition by September 15, 2017, along with information as to when and where to deliver art works. The exhibition will be up at the cathedral through the month of November 2017. After the show, pick-up dates will be sent out.


Contact Gregory McDaniels