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Book Shop News: Labyrinths, Old and New

As Saint Mark’s dedicates its new Labyrinth in the Choir Hall this week, it’s a good time to reflect on this ancient image, which brings together some of the most ancient and most modern spiritual practices. A traditional symbol that goes back a thousand years, it represented the pilgrimage of the faithful to the holy city of Jerusalem, for those who couldn’t travel there in person, and for some it was a penitential journey made on their knees. At the center of the labyrinth is depicted the “lotus of enlightenment,” and those who achieved their goal returned, by an equally long outward movement, to their homes and daily lives, newly dedicated to what they had experienced.

Our new Labyrinth, which appears courtesy of a generous gift, is modeled after the famous original at Chartres Cathedral. It celebrates the age-old traditions of meditation and offers a meditation in motion, as we follow a path more and more inward toward God, which must by design then move outward to our daily world. 

For those who would like to experience the journey of a labyrinth at home or wherever they travel, the Book Shop offers palm-sized versions in pewter or brass that can be traced with a finger or a small stylus. We also have accompanying booklets and many many writings on meditation from various spiritual traditions. So if you feel moved to take this path, we’re here to help. Come and see…