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Most of us are struck these days with the swirl of emotions and energies upon us in the coming seasons – liturgical, secular, cultural, and yes, political. We are caught up in expectation, exhilaration, hopefulness, dread, and good cheer, all at once; and the noise level from stadium cheers, parties, editorial arguments, traffic, and daily life in general, only gets louder. 

This week in particular we celebrate the reign of Christ the King, singing of heavenly splendor accompanied by endless Alleluias and, presumably, an impossibly glorious brass choir. This week we also celebrate Thanksgiving, in our various fashions, often amidst the cacophony of those we love (or at least tolerate); next comes the beginning of Advent, when we ponder the mystery of God With Us. 

So the questions may arise: how do we even begin to contemplate the glory of God? For what, in our inmost hearts, are we thankful? And which of the surrounding noises do we want to join? Because glory can be found in strange and unlikely places; thanks are in order for trivial as well as immense gifts; and noise can be an awful or a wonderful thing. Sorting this out, if we choose, can be a worthy (if challenging) undertaking. And here we are in the midst of these numberless choices: here and not somewhere else, now and not “once upon a time” or “some day.” 

If you or someone you care about could use a little assistance in navigating these waters, a bit of help in focusing your inner vision, the Book Shop is a good place to start. We have Advent materials, not just books but daily calendars. There are lots of un-seasonal companions too: poetry, prayer collections, aids to contemplation, and more. If a beautiful or quirky little gift could help you turn inward – or outward – we have a large variety. You may well find The Very Thing you didn’t know you were looking for.

Come and see…