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As we enter what may be locally the noisiest and most congested weekend of the year (or maybe ever!) it’s a good time to remind ourselves that there are also other, quieter, more peaceful options available to us, as poet (author, essayist) Wendell Berry does in This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems.

They arise from thirty-five years’ worth of Sunday walks on his Kentucky farm, evoking not only a sense of his Home Place but also how he sees the world in light of his experience there: people and creatures, especially birds, moving through life and death. Recent Round Table attendees will appreciate this opportunity to become better acquainted with Berry’s work. For those of us who remember such a home place as he describes, and especially for those who don’t, he evokes “an old road…that has led us/once again to an opening,/ a small cultivated valley/ among the wooded hills, familiar/ as the oldest dream, where we know/ we are, even as we do,/ the work of love.”

So after we have enjoyed/ thrilled to/ avoided/ survived this week’s tumult and shouting, poetry like this can offer a respite. And maybe, just maybe, it may move us to try writing a poem or two of our own, to tell ourselves about those moments and places in our lives that reveal what is meaningful for us in and beyond the obvious; or (Valentine’s Day is coming) to tell someone else what they mean to us; or just for the pleasure of playing with words beyond words!

Berry’s wonderful poems, and many other poets’ works, are available in the Book Shop to delight you (and those you love). Come and see…