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Book Shop News: Challenge and Companionship

Those who partook not so long ago in the Bible Challenge got at least a glimpse of the joy of spending time systematically with our Holy Scriptures. Each day offers a section of the Bible to ponder and pray over, introduced by a prominent scholar or cleric. Now the Rev. Mark Zabriskie, who edited that volume, presents for us A Journey with Luke, in the form of a 50-day “challenge,” during which many Saint Markans are exploring the third Gospel as a Lenten meditation. It’s a good thing for us Episcopalians to undertake, given that many of us are notoriously low in the charts when it comes to Biblical literacy.

It’s also worth reflecting that our encounters with Scripture become richer, sweeter, and hopefully wiser, when we share that endeavor with others. And when those others include many of America’s finest scholars and clergy, it’s like being a guest at a grand feast: a privilege and, indeed, a challenge to our best thoughts, our deepest feelings. This is an opportunity we can accept at our leisure, where all are welcome to a time of blessing and refreshment. All you have to do is…come and see…