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Robert's show is titled Celebrations Art Show and it’s emphasis is on some of Robert’s long-standing Spiritual love affairs:.  

  • Celebrations of Spring & It’s Beauty
  • Celebrating Children's’ Literature
  • Honoring & Consecrating Women

Most pieces have never been exhibited before.  They are original drawings and prints.  

Robert Lesch

Robert Lesch has an unusual and expansive personal background that has continually worked to inform his artwork throughout his lifetime. The blend of accomplishments; business experience, religious life, and social awareness brings to his work depth, breadth, and diversity. His life has always been interwoven with making and presenting his artwork, accounting for over a third of his life-time income. For over 70 years he has maintained his credentials as a professional fine artist. For nearly 60 years he has functioned as an ordained Episcopal priest. In December, Lesch will be 94.

A Note From the Artist

I have shown my work at the Cathedral numbers of times since I first brightened its doors in 1947. I was studying at the Walker Art School then, across the street. I have considered myself a member ever since, though I have often been serving other parishes and missions in the diocese.
Artistically, and otherwise, I have always been broadcast in my interests, in all of the wonderful “sorts and conditions” life presents us.
My work broadly reflects itself in a great many areas. Many of the pieces you see here are retrospective.