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Book Shop News: Summer Reading (and Rereading)

Has your stack of summer reading begun to accumulate yet, on your nightstand, or next to your lawn chair? Do you have ready a book or three or ten to retreat to when the weather’s too hot or stormy to play outdoors? Of course it has, and you do! And we at the Book Shop are happy to add some titles for your consideration.

You could return to those thrilling days of yesteryear – 1746 to be precise – with Golden Hill, a novel by Francis Spufford, which takes us on a mysterious errand with a young British man newly arrived in the town of New York (then more of a village). In his encounter with the New World, so fresh and full of promise compared with the crowds and filth of London, he must nonetheless confront the conflicts of the Old, and face a dark moral conundrum. The author carries us along in rollicking fashion, with adventure, humor, and astute observation all serving to keep us wanting to keep reading. A real treat!

Spufford’s wonderful writing reminds us of another of his books, which we noted in this space a year or so ago. It reads with all the fascination of his novel, but in Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense, his subject is his Christian faith, and it may be one of the best books on that subject we can think of. He explores the “Human Potential to F*** Things Up” and how, in a world where we can’t prove the existence of God, he finds evidence for belief and describes his own journey to faithfulness, arguing that God cannot intervene in the pain and suffering of the world, except through the person of Jesus, who makes him present. This may be one of those books to reread every year or two (what are yours?), and the Book Shop offers many others: come and see…