Join in Justice-Making at Home

During the early phase of the pandemic, there have been calls for charity to help our neighbors and to feed the hungry. While charity brings relief during a crisis, it does nothing to change the systems and polices that currently do little to affect long-term systemic change and bring about the transformation that sustains the long-term health and vitality of our communities.

The pandemic has made our world smaller, and yet at the same time, larger. We’ve come to know in new ways how connected we are to one other and to the earth, understanding this in the intellectual sense, and more deeply, in the spiritual sense. Our connectedness and belonging matters, and we have a responsibility as people of faith to not only care about this, but to be part of making the Beloved Community a reality.

So, what can we do right now, from our own homes? How can we make a difference by being the church in the world?

While we continue to stay close, opportunities exist to engage in faith-based advocacy and to take part in justice-making from home.

Two options to consider this week:

1) Become an MNIPL Climate Justice Household: Take the next small step, a step ‘close-in’, as you examine your own household’s carbon footprint, learn to make measurable changes, track your progress, and get help along the way. Get started by registering to attend an MNIPL webinar on June 1 or June 2. THESE WEBINARS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

2) Join one of our Saint Mark’s Faith-in-Action Groups: Connect with our lay leaders and become part of supporting local and state-wide justice-making through the political process by engaging in advocacy for: gun violence prevention, shelter and affordable housing, climate justice, and immigration reform. Each group is connected with a faith-based organizing partner through which we are joined and aligned us others across faith traditions and denominations in these important movements. Just want to be ‘activated’ by receiving issue-focused email ‘action alerts’? Contact Deacon Rena Turnham.