Lenten Reading Reflection Week 4 – The Water


By Esther Agbaje

When I think about places I have visited or lived, the ones that stand out are those close to the water. I am continually drawn to water, whether watching little ripples dance on the water from afar or getting a chance to splash my feet in the ebb and flow of the laps on the shoreline. I appreciate any time I can spend near the water. It helps me reflect on the simple beauty of the natural world. God’s wonder can be found all around us.

At the same time, a body of water like a large lake or a sea is a vast expanse that can sometimes appear to go on for a huge distance. While the vastness can bring a sense of calm, it can also mask potential hidden dangers or trouble. The Sea of Galilee has those aspects to it. The banks of the sea bring peace to its visitors and pilgrims looking for an experience with God. People come for prayer and a deeper connection with God. The Sea offers a picturesque setting to do that as depicted in the video and told to me by those who have had the opportunity to visit in person. Yet, in Scripture the Sea of Galilee is also the site where the disciples were tested through the storm and learned to depend on Jesus and their faith to get them through difficulty.

When I am by the water, the peacefulness I feel is a reminder to slow down and take the time to be grateful for the blessings God has bestowed on us. It is also a time to remember how God has seen us through our own storms. We have come out on the other side because of the faith we have in God. He has seen us through the waves and the wind and the rain, to a place where we can enjoy the beauty, the calm, and the reassurance of God’s steadfast love and care for us.

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