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Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral has been fortunate to be located in a vibrant constantly changing urban neighborhood. The needs of our neighbors are obvious, and there has always been a desire to serve in Christ’s name. Our serving ministries provide an opportunity for our members to grow in compassion and to make our world a better place for all.

The Downtown Coalition for Grief Support offers an educational and emotional support group to those who have lost a loved one.

Brighten someone’s day while providing them with a nourishing meal. Meals on Wheels Food is brought to those who are house bound.

Following the open-hearted spirit of Bishop Whipple, the faith communities of the Episcopal Church of Minnesota seeks to expand its intercambio with the Episcopal faith communities in Cuba through mission trips as well as regular contact between bishops.

Groveland serves as an emergency source of food for those living in the neighborhoods just south of the downtown area.

Saint Mark's Bag Lunch Ministry provides lunches to daily drop-in visitors, hungry college students and Vets at a local VA Community Resource and Referral Service.

Donations of certain items are helpful for our outreach programs.

Sunday Night Supper is a long-standing tradition at Saint Mark’s, one in which we join three other large downtown churches to provide a Sunday evening meal to the needy in the neighborhood.

The Wells Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports fundamental societal change through innovative and entrepreneurial action.

On Monday mornings a group meets to make sandwiches and assemble lunches. This group usually spends about 90 minutes working and having fun. We also have openings on Monday and Tuesday mornings to distribute lunches at the Cathedral. This committment is for slightly over two hours and is a great time to set aside for reading and meeting guests who come to the Cathedral for help.
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